The Raised By Wolves is a song writing duo from Maryland started  by Ben Eskin and Dusty Durston. We got the chance to chat with drummer and vocalist Dusty Durston about the band’s history and the recording process for the duo’s new LP, Sadie Hawkins.

What artists do you look up to for inspiration? Have those artists changed over time?

The people we look up to were discovered for having their own sound and established longevity in their careers by refusing to put restrictions on that sound. Artists like Kanye West, Weezer, Death Cab For Cutie, The Strokes. Each record is different and a testament to their growth over time.

Can you give us a brief history of The Raised By Wolves?

We’ve been best friends for ten years or so. When we were in high school, I asked Ben to be in my band. That band eventually broke up when we went to college, but Ben and I continued to write together and develop the catalogue of songs that made it onto our debut.

How did you come up with the name The Raised By Wolves?

I wrote a short story back in college called “Raised By Wolves” that touched on this repressed desire to abandon inhibition and order. I’m a strong believer not only in the music of rock and roll, but its mythology as well. So, the name is just a reminder to keep believing and to keep things interesting and hopefully a little dangerous. Adding the “The” was just my obnoxious attempt to make people look at the name twice and commit it to memory.

What words do you think best describe your music and band?

Earnest, emotional, interesting. Hopefully!

What was the process of recording your album Sadie Hawkins like?

It was a big undertaking because on top of writing the music, we also recorded and produced it on our own in our basement. I had a foot surgery that pushed the whole process back and we both were working pretty intensive jobs, so the project took much longer than expected. It was emotionally trying for both of us and we both played the role of patient and therapist at different times. We’re very proud of what came from the struggle though.

Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration? What’s your usual songwriting process like?

We draw from a mixed bag of artists. Nothing is off limits. Regarding the process, usually I’ll come to Ben with some lyrics or he’ll come to me with a riff or melody and from there we really build a song. The best work we do is when we’re in a room together hashing it out.

What’s next for The Raised By Wolves?

More music. We’re in the process of writing and demo-ing some songs for the next release. More shows. We’re hoping to get to tour a little more of U.S. this summer! More everything!