March 30, 2015 @ 12:09 pm

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AyOH is an up-and-coming band from Chicago, Illinois that works to combine the pop, rock and soul genres. The band is comprised of Avi Dell (vocals/guitar), John Arrotti (drums/vocals), Lin Takrudtong (bass/vocals) and Austin Russell (guitar). AyOH released its new EP Dangerous Questions on February 24 and you can listen to the EP and purchase it on AyOH’s Bandcamp.

Music Without A Cause got the chance to chat with lead singer Avi Dell about how the band got started, recording Dangerous Questions, and what’s next for AyOH.

How’d the band get started?

DELL: AyOH is a Chicago formed band arriving from all over the globe. AyOH first came to life when I met with our drummer John Arrotti to work on some original tunes. I gave [Arrotti] some recordings that he had been working on including demos and simple lyrical themes and the two quickly formed a strong collaboration.  Within a few months we had over a dozen original tunes and today constitute the bulk of writing, but our bassist [Takrudtong] and guitarist [Russell] contribute creatively in an ever increasing way.

How would you describe AyOH’s music?

AD: We deliver a powerful stage performance rooted in Rock’n’Roll, soaked in the age of dance pop. A Chicago blogger appropriately coined the description of us as, “Sweaty Blue-Eyed Soul”. Our shows are an experience, a party, and a sing-along. We dance our asses off and so do our fans. 

What was the recording process like for your new EP, Dangerous Questions?

AD: We took this project to the next level. It was an extremely long process, but every rock was turned. We didn’t leave any detail untouched. Steve Gillis, our producer, was our fearless leader.    

How is your new EP different from your debut EP Take It to The People?

AD: The first EP was mostly straight forward rock’n’roll, but the new EP is much more pop/dance infused rock.  

What’s the response to your new EP been like so far?

AD: It’s been.. WOW.  Everyone that hears it seems to appreciate what we’ve created.  We’re all exceedingly proud of this work and the confidence we have when sharing it with the world seems to be helping us build what momentum we’ve created.  

You played for a sold-out crowd at Schubas for the Dangerous Questions EP release show. How’d that feel?

AD: Selling out Schuba’s was a dream come true, it still feels like a dream.  It was a crazy experience to have so many people there just to support us.  It was no longer us performing but a parallel experience, one that both the audience and the band created together. 

What’s next for AyOH?

AD: We’ve got a ton of shows coming up this summer that include a handful of Chicago festivals. There is much, much more to come from AyOH, but for now we’re keeping details close to our chest.

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