THROWBACK THURSDAY: ‘Dookie’ by Green Day

June 20, 2013 @ 10:00 pm

Happy Thursday! In honor of it being Thursday, I figured that I could start honoring the whole “throwback thursday” trend. For my first throwback thursday, I decided to tell you a bit about one of my favorite albums, Dookie by Green Day.

Dookie was Green Day’s third studio album and was released in early 1994 and was also the band’s major record label debut. For Green Day, Dookie was really the beginning of their commercial success. Dookie produced five hit singles for Green Day including songs like “Longview”, “When I Come Around”, “Basket Case,” and others. Almost ten years after the release of the album, Rolling Stone Magazine ranked Dookie at 193 on the list of ‘The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time’.

I recall hearing songs like “When I Come Around” and “Welcome To Paradise” on the radio when I was four or five, and I remember that as my introduction to Green Day and punk rock music in general. Dookie was the second Green Day album I had bought to start my collection of their discography, and Dookie never disappoints. Since I bought the album many years ago, I have listened to the album countless times, never getting tired of short, upbeat tunes that make up the CD.

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